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Ten Terrifying Questions, Booktopia Blog

Ten quick questions the Booktopia Book Guru puts to selected authors. Terrifying? Well, not really, but challenging. We want to extract something unique from the hearts and minds of authors. (We have the needs of our discerning readers to consider.)

Read my answers to the 10 Terrifying Questions.

Sharell’s Second Act,

“India is, in short, a country that provokes. It does it through life itself. So much life. Everywhere, people living. There’s very little that’s subtle about India. India is in your face. It defies you to visit and leave feeling the same way. And hence, India is the perfect country for transformation. Change your environment to change yourself. There are never truer words in India”.

Extract from an article that I wrote for popular Australian lifestyle website TheHoopla about India, transformation, and my book.

Read the article.

Book Reading at The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

I’ll be reading from my book at The Wheeler Centre’s Debut Mondays, Monday 19th September 2011, 6.15-7.15 p.m.

It’s a free event, and there will be wine!

What is The Wheeler Centre? It’s a new kind of cultural institution. “A centre dedicated to the discussion and practice of writing and ideas. Through a year-round programme of talks and lectures, readings and debates, we invite you to join the conversation”.

View the event details.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

I’ll be discussing and reading from my book at The Fresh Off the Shelf event at Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Festival, on 5th February, 2012.

Featured in Australian Reader’s Digest Encounters Series

Excited and honoured to announce that Henna for the Broken Hearted has been featured in the Reader’s Digest Encounters series in 2013.

From Reader’s Digest: “Encounters are series of condensed books published by Reader’s Digest. Each Encounters volume contains three of today’s most up-to-date non-fiction stories about real life people and events. The stories have been skilfully edited, illustrated with colour photographs and bound into one striking hardcover book to bring the secrets, wisdom and amazing truths about other people’s lives into your home.The editors at Reader’s Digest hand-select the most fascinating of today’s unforgettable true stories from Australia, New Zealand and overseas, with memoirs, adventure, true crime, behind-the-headlines, touching stories about nature—and human nature—that will surprise and move you.”

7 thoughts on “Media

    • Henna says:

      Hi Liz, thanks so much for stopping by with your kind words and encouragement. Sequel definitely in time! But quite a few people have been asking for more photos, so I’ll see what I can do! 🙂 Best wishes.

  1. Marylou Khan says:

    Hi, I will have to buy your book, hopefully it will still be available. I am a white girl married also to a indian. I went to india first, in 1996 and was in Calcutta alot of the time. I was on a mission group but India left a lasting mark on me. I returned home, and I met and married my husband in 2000. We live in Adelaide Australia. I found the first years quite hard, but it get easier in some ways and harder in others. We have two sons. I am going to now go and look for your book would love to hear how another white lady has dealt with the cultural differences.

    All the best take care


    • Henna says:

      Hi Marylou, yes, the book should still be available. The cultural differences were really challenging to start off with, and I was just completely unequipped to handle some of them having never encountered them before. However, you’re right, it does get easier! Not a lot bothers me these days. Hope you enjoy the book. Best wishes. Sharell.

  2. anjum says:

    hi there, i’m the editor of, the first online magazine for today’s moms with a south asian connection. would love to do a story on your book and blog..r you open to interviews?

  3. Nergish says:

    Hi Sharell,

    I’m a journalist with the Times of India. I’d really like to interview you for an article I’m working on. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you.



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